Vendor Info

How to become a vendor at the Christkindlmarkt

This is the 3rd annual Christkindlmarkt, to be held on Friday, Dec. 6, 2019; 5 – 9 pm and Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019; 10 am – 9 pm. 

The event is to located at Bavarian Halle at Schlitterbahn Resort.  

212 W. Austin St. 
New Braunfels, TX 78130

This family-friendly event will offer kid friendly activities, shopping, handcrafted Glühwein, Beer, Food, Live Music, Dancing, and attract over 10,000+ people!

Vendor Application Status: OPEN


Proof of Liability Insurance is MANDATORY for this event.

Why do I need insurance?

When you operate at a farmers market or a special event, you are liable if injuries, illnesses, or damages happen due to your business operations.

For example, if a customer gets sick eating your food or if somebody trips and falls over your booth and is injured, you could be held responsible. Claims from unfortunate incidents like these can easily wipe out your business and personal finances and cause your business to close.

General Information

There will be a vendor meeting on Nov. 24, 5-7 pm at Uwe’s Bakery & Deli. Attendance (in person or via live stream) is mandatory for event participation.

Direct Sales, and Unacceptable items

DIRECT SALES: To maintain the integrity of the market’s vision we do not accept DM vendors such as Mary Kay, Scentsy, LipSense or other SeneGence® products, Country Candles, Jamberry, etc.

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: All booths and merchandise must be maintained in good condition, in good taste, and appropriate for family viewing.

The Event Coordinator reserves the right to order the removal of any items deemed inappropriate, disruptive, hazardous or not listed on your application.

For example

any items that may violate Federal, State or local laws.

the sale of live animals.

all firearms, accessories and kits, air soft guns, toy guns or other items that release a projectile.

any restraint devices, clubs, blackjacks, and other items designed and marketed for police use.

swords, daggers, switchblade knives.

chemical defense items, paint ball guns and supplies,
darts, stun guns, and martial art weapons.

pornographic material and literature, or sexually oriented items and literature.

unlicensed fan art.

Vendor Selection, Exclusivity, Permits, and Non-profits

VENDOR SELECTION: Vendor selection will begin on August 1st. All vendors sections are made through a vetting process; and we limit the number of vendors selling like items. Once the vendor selection has been made, you will receive an email that confirms your acceptance, along with a link to our vendor FB group, which all vendors will be required to join.

Exclusivity: As mentioned above, we will attempt to limit the number of booths selling like items at this event, but NO vendor will be guaranteed exclusivity for a particular item although efforts will be made not to duplicate certain items. All items to be sold MUST be listed on your application, and the Event Coordinator must be notified of any changes to the list.

TEXAS SALE AND USE OR TAX EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE: By order of the State, you must possess a resale or tax exemption certificate.

NON-PROFITS: Organizations requesting the non-profit vendor rate must attach proof of non-profit status, including your tax ID number. Vendors participating under a non-profit rate assert that all money raised through their participation is going to the non-profit organization listed. Non-profit receive a 20% discount on booth fees.

Payments, Late fees, and Refunds

PAYMENTS: All payments must be received 60 days prior to the event to secure you space, as these fees are used to pay for the events costs. If payment is not received in the allotted time frame, and payment arrangements have not been made, your space will be given to another vendor.

LATE FEES: All vendor spaces must be paid in full 60 days prior to each event to guarantee your space. A $10 fee will be added for all payments made after this time.

REFUNDS: Fees are non-refundable with less than 30 days cancellation prior to an event.

Booth Operation & Appearance

Vendors may not conduct business outside their booth space or by walking about the event.

Vendors are required to remain set-up until the posted ending time of the event.

Each booth must have someone 18 years of age or older present at all times, during the event.

Vendors may not vary items sold from those listed on the application without prior notice and approval from the Event Coordinator.

*All extra product and supplies stored in the booth shall be covered or screened from view.

Booths must adhere to all booth requirements set forth on the application.

-10′ L x 10′ W tent; straight legs or 8′ L x 8′ W; angled legs (all tents and facades MUST be 10′ W or smaller).

-booth facade with exterior lights decorations in a Christmas theme to cover the face of your tent. Please note that your facade does not have to be made from wood, we encourage creativity; fabric, plastic, cardboard and other materials are acceptable.

-sidewalls, to secure your booth at night.

-good lighting, for both the exterior and interior (no solar lighting as it is not powerful enough).

-extension cord (50′ or longer).

-weights to hold the tent down in case of winds, at least 36 lbs on each leg (the weight of 1- 8" x 8" x 16").

-Booths shall have professional looking signage.

-All tables must have skirting or tablecloths.

Booth assignments, Set up/Clean Up, Acceptable items, Multiple Spaces

BOOTH ASSIGNMENT: We will consider requests for a specific space; however, it cannot be guaranteed. Spaces are assigned to maximize traffic flow, avoid placing similar items together and meet vendor needs for access, electricity, fire and health department requirements and other factors.

SET UP/CLEAN UP: Vendor booths must be completely set-up and all vehicles removed from the event area at least 60 minutes before the event begins, or by the time stated on the event application.

Power, Water Supply & Equipment

POWER: Electricity is available, but only for lower wattage use. Please read the event application carefully for availability. Anyone requiring more than 20 amps must provide their own generator.

ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT: Vendors must supply their own extension cords, surge protectors, and any other equipment needed. All equipment must be in good condition (no frayed wires, etc.).

SPACE REQUESTS: appropriate requests for specific space requirements must be made on your application. Booth reassignments will not made because you failed to make a request.

WATER: There is water onsite for hand washing and portable 3 compartment sink stations only. Vendors requiring water to cook with or for their products must supply their own water.

New Braunfels Environmental Health Department

All food vendors must obtain a temporary food permit from the New Braunfels Environmental Health Department. Please note that this is free for  food vendors selling prepackaged food items.

New Braunfels Fire Department Requirements

Fire Extinguishers: All vendors must have one easily accessible 2A10BC minimum rating fire extinguisher with a current service tag.

No smoking: All vendors must have “No Smoking” signs posted in an obvious place.

Cooking tents: shall be separated from other tents and canopies by a minimum of 20 feet.

LP-Gas containers: shall be located outside tents and canopies, separated by a minimum of 5 feet.

Generators: and other internal combustion power sources shall be separated from tents and canopies by a minimum of 20 feet and isolated from contact with the public.

If you do not adhere to these requirements you may not set up and no refund will be given.

2019 Rates

1 – 10×10 space – $200.00, nonprofit will receive a 20% discount.

Retail Food Vendors
1 – 10×10 for-profit rate – $200.00 (all food vendor must obtain a FREE temporary food permit from the New Braunfels Environmental Health Department).

Food and Drink Vendors
1 – 10 x 10 space – 10% of gross sales and will considered and listed as an Event Sponsor (food and drink merchants must provided a catering license and a temporary food permit from the New Braunfels Environmental Health Department and comply with all New Braunfels Fire Department requirements, if applicable). Please have a print ready graphic available for advertising use.

Tables, chairs, display units, covers, etc. are the responsibility of each Merchant and MUST not exceed the allotted space.

If you have read all of the requirements and are still interested in participating please complete the form below.

By submitting a vendor application for the Christkindlmarkt, you agree to abide by all requirements provided on this form, event applications and other information provided by the NBHF or other agencies. 

You may be denied participation on the day of an event by representatives of the NBHF or the New Braunfels Fire Department and/or the New Braunfels Environment Health Department for failure to comply with any of the stated conditions.

Vendors who fail to comply with any of the conditions herein are subject to removal from the area without a refund of vendor fees and may not be invited to participate in future events. 

If you have read and agree to adhere to all of the requirements set forth above, please clcik here to complete a vendor application.